Testimonials & Reviews

" I feel lighter, you have made me think differently..." - YP, Female, Aged 15.

" I've gotten everything out of my head, it's like a release" - YP, Female, Aged 14.

" I don't know how you do what you do, I feel like you've saved my life " - YP, Female, Aged 15.

" I just want to say a huge thank you, without all your hard work she wouldn't be where she is today." - Parent, YP aged 16.

" Thank you for being there when I had hard times adjusting to my emotions" - YP, Male, Aged 13.

" So Supportive, So Kind " - YP, Male, Aged 16.

" you listen, you really listen" - YP, Male, Aged 16.

" You always just let me speak about anything, it really helped me " - YP, Male, Aged 15.

" Warm, Kind & Patient" - YP, Female, Aged 14.

" Your support got me through my exams, thank you " - YP, Male, Aged 15.

" Lovely to talk to" - YP, Male, Aged 14.

" We can not express how much your help, support and listening has helped our daughter " - Parents, Female, Aged 12.

" We cant thank you enough for all the support you have given our daughter. You have been amazing. She has grown so much in her confidence and that is all thanks to you" " - Parents, YP Female, Aged 16.

“Just wanted to let you know how valuable your support is. When he returned from your counselling session last week, he was visibly upset but stated that he had been talking to you about things that really bothered him. It was apparent that he had desperately needed to talk about this and needed this support. The fact he had been able open up, and speak about you about the difficulties he is facing is testament to your character. He is a very private boy with many cultural difficulties and feels very comfortable and supported by you, knowing he has someone that listens to him and is genuinely interested in him and his wellbeing will make such a difference to this young mans life. Form Tutor, School Staff Member, YP, Male, Aged 13

“Staff and students at the academy all value and respect Mallory’s therapeutic skills, empathy and kindness. Students value having counselling sessions with Mallory and are offered a safe place to offload their feelings and thoughts. The students are protected by a confidential and safe place to share in her wonderful room, that automatically brightens your day as you walk in. Students always feel listened to with Mallory. She offers a patient, welcoming and warm energy that encourages students to share their most difficult stories. Mallory provides a comforting environment that makes people feel safe and understood.” - School Counsellor, Leeds.